March 8, 2021

SnapXit emergency exit, the safety device developed for buses and coaches

October 19, 2020

Shorten your line, save money, add safety

Accumulating costs associated with fitting SnapXit™ kits on a bus is an eye-opener. Those who want to shorten time on the line save money while adding safety equipment, let’s start with the ubiquitous “toffee” hammer and its combined costs. At
September 17, 2020

Conversions, Retrofits, and Upgrades

Our SnapXit break glass impactor is fixed-in-place technology requiring only an appropriate escape window and R43 toughened glass for successful installation and use. There are many small and medium-sized outfitters, retrofitters, and vehicle conversion companies walking the tightrope between the
September 17, 2020

HomeXit – Family Safety First

Being in a burning, smoke-filled building without means of escape is a thing of nightmares, made only worse by the thought of your children being trapped with you. Imprisoned behind glass walls, doors or windows that don’t open; able to
September 17, 2020


If you see an incredible and clever-looking product and the term “Patent Pending” or “Patented” in its description, it might not be all it seems to be. It could only be a paper tiger. When a patent is awarded, it
September 17, 2020

What we did in LOCKDOWN

Here in Mauritius, when the curfew was enforced on the 19th of March, we had already seen a significant slowing of our outward supply. Many larger clients began to delay or cancel their orders. And by early April, outgoings had
September 16, 2020

Laminated Glass Causes Concern

Referencing a previously shared post about the fairly recent practice of car manufacturers moving to laminated glass and a passenger accident-containment imperative, and ignoring possible self-rescue or rescuer-favoured toughened glass is concerning. This from a C-NET study: ( And this
September 10, 2020


As a passenger, finding yourself trapped inside a burning, sinking, or capsized ferry or ship will probably quickly and with little time to spare. Emergency drills are easily forgotten, the life-saving equipment aboard could be inaccessible or stowed away, and
June 17, 2020

Homexit Commercial

SafeTSystem Holdings’ emergency exit break glass devices now include the new HomeXit. Designed for your security, HomeXit offers a quick, safe escape through any appropriate door or window without the need for a heavy fire axe, hammer, or keys! Our
June 17, 2020

Homexit Homes

May 5, 2017

SnapXit Emergency Exit Devices Increase safety in Airports without increasing security risk.

Due to increased threat of terror attacks, security at airports has become increasingly restrictive.  All sharp items or objects that are deemed as being a potential weapon have been forbidden on the sterile airside of security. Buses or passenger transport
May 4, 2017

East London Bus Group the first operator to field trial punch-type devices on operating routes in London.

SnapXit is currently installed on famous bus manufacturers, through direct sales or through sales by resellers.