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The only reliable solution for a quick emergency escape

Manufacturers – Cost effective and easily fitted by bus OEM’s large or small worldwide

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Homologated to meet world emergency exit regulations the SnapXit devices are routinely fitted by bus manufacturers in more than 17 countries. Set to become the ‘best practice’ device that ensures emergency window exits can be quickly and inexpensively installed by semi-skilled labour. OEM’s globally are specifying SnapXit devices in their Bill of Materials as their standard option for emergency window exits. Permanently accessible on your public bus, school bus, coach, ferry or tram.

Operators – Permanently accessible on your public bus, school bus, coach, ferry or tram

Operating a vehicle or fleet for profit, requires the business owner to take responsibility for passenger safety.

  • SnapXit devices are  simple and easy to install. They reduce passenger risk for school or other buses, coaches, trains, airport transit or apron vehicles, taxis or shuttle services. SnapXit safety devices can be retrofitted to all these vehicles.
  • Multiple strikes to a SnapXit device ensures the young or infirm can also break the glass in an emergency. The aggregated force drives the impact tip into a single point on the glass so that it is assured to break.

Fixed directly to the toughened glass window SnapXit devices are always accessible, eliminate theft and have simple iconographic instructions.

Fleet – Nealy included in your limousine, campaign coach or executive MPC’s safety equipment

Emergency Exit Devices | Safety Devices | Fleet | safePunch

Operating fleets whether ordinary contract vehicles or executive transport. From coaches to luxury MPV’s and limousines, a hammer-or-lever emergency exit systems is both unsightly, detracting from the experience of stately travel and most often difficult to operate and ineffective.

  • SnapXit devices, have a very low 9mm profile which can be accompanied by discreet, customised instructions without the need for “shouty”, obtrusive information decals.

All SnapXit models can be manufactured in any colour, to match vehicles interiors or your corporate image provided min production quantities are met.

Vehicle Component – 3rd party Accessory Suppliers

Manufacturers or suppliers of toughened glass, for windows and doors, roof hatches, emergency fire extinguisher cabinets or engine kill-switches, a SnapXit device is easily fitted into your sub-assembly prior to supplying to your client.

Benefits include

  • The SnapXit emergency exit device is fitted and tested within your own sub-assemblies.
  • The SnapXit devices are an  additional revenue generator to your existing product and service offering.