Engineering and Compliance FAQ

Our Certifications

Certificate number MA202203-129A

Manufacturer Certifications
CE – EMC 2004:108/EC
EN 55014+A1: 2006;
EN 56014-2: 1997+A1: 2001+A2: 2008;
EN 61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009;
EN 61000-3-3:2008
CE – LVD 2006/95/EC
EN 60745-12009+A11:2010
RoHS 2011/65/EU
IEC 62321:2008
EN 14672:2004
EPA 3540C:1996
What International standard do these devices comply with?

There are no standards for break glass devices anywhere in the world. Our own minimum performance criteria independently tested are based on the average abilities of a 12-year-old.

Does a break glass hammer have any certifications?

No, there are no certifications or minimum performance standards with which to measure a hammer.

What is the difference between a tool and a device?

A tool requires dexterous operation and a specific force to deliver a successful result. A device is purpose designed to deliver a successful solution based on the efficacy of its design.

Is a break glass hammer a device or a tool?

A hammer is a tool. It requires a min force and dexterous operation by a person to deliver a successful result. A hammer does in fact NOT conform to the requirements of an” emergency exit device” as described by UN ECE R107. A tool’s operational performance cannot be accurately tested as it depends on the user/operator.

Is SnapXit a tool or device?

SnapXit is a device, purposefully designed to break emergency exit safety glass windows, hatches or doors on impact, as required in UN ECE R107. It’s success as a device can be repeatedly tested and is confirmed by independent UKAS accredited testing facilities and laboratories.

Does the SnapXit device comply with public transport emergency exit regulations?

Public transport emergency exit regulations are universal. SnapXit devices, comply with the following Universal regulations

  • UNECE R107 ( European)
  • ADR 44 (Australia and New Zealand, basically a copy of R107) and
  • FMVSS217 (United States of America).  In some instances, the size of the emergency exit aperture is governed by local road transport regulations
Are SnapXit devices certified?

A Certificate is only awarded by a recognised international standard Authority. There is no international standard yet, In the case of tools or devices to break glass.

Are SnapXit products verified and tested for functionality by the factory?

The parts are internally tested 1/100.  ALL Reports and devices are kept.

Do you have a Quality Control certification?

All critical parts are manufactured by ISO 9001:2008 accredited facilities.

Have you done a DFMEA on your products?

Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis studies have been conducted on each component part sub assembly in addition to completely assembled devices.

Do you run FRACAS?

Yes. We have our own manual in addition to a robust Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System.

Can we change any designs to suit our purpose?

Yes. If the proposed design alteration withstands DFMEA scrutiny and falls within the scope of our certification and those of our supplier partners.

Can we white-label the product?

Yes. There will be minimum order quantities needed depending on the contract.

Can we Co-Brand?

Co- branding on the face of the product is possible under specific conditions.

What is your warranty period?

Warranty terms and conditions run concurrent with the vehicle manufacturer warranty.

End User FAQ

Can I install a SnapXit on the windshield?

No. A windshield is made of laminated glass which is designed to be impact and penetration resistant.

Will SnapXit work on laminated glass?

No. Laminated or security glass is designed to be high impact and penetration resistant and therefore not readily breakable.

Will SnapXit work on non-toughened annealed or float glass?

No, SnapXits work exclusively on toughened/tempered or safety glass which conforms to BS857 / ECER43 / CCC / AS1 product standards

Will SnapXits work on toughened glass that has anti-scratch film fitted?

Yes. SnapXit impact tips will penetrate anti-scratch films and break the glass beneath.

Will SnapXits work on glass fitted with anti-graffiti film?

Yes, but as anti-graffiti film chemically “shrugs off” the inks or dyes in markers and spray paint, it may have the same effect on the SnapXit and Sticker adhesives.

Fix: We suggest removing the film under the SnapXit and Sticker assembly, exposing the glass for the adhesives to be reliable.

Will SnapXit work on glass fitted with anti-vandal film?

Anti-vandal film is a combination of anti-scratch and anti-graffiti film and will probably shrug off the adhesives on the SnapXit and the Sticker.

Fix: We suggest removing the film under the SnapXit and Sticker assembly, exposing the glass for the adhesives to be reliable.

Is vandalism a concern?

No, SnapXit is built to withstand a lot of abuse. If a part is damaged beyond usefulness, we will replace the damaged part if it’s returned to us.

Is accidental activation a concern?

A SnapXits are supplied standard with a safety tag, that must be removed to arm the device, followed by a deliberate strike(s) to break the glass.

Is activation by misadventure a concern?

The safety Tag is a deterrent and to date no reports of improper use.

Is theft a concern?

No,  SnapXit is extremely difficult to remove if properly installed and allowed to cure for 72 hours without special tools.

How do I know if the glass is toughened or not?

Either find the permanent glass standard mark usually located close to the window’s edge or view the glass through a polarised lens, looking for a dotted pattern caused by the toughening process.

Can toughened glass cause injury?

Toughened glass is designed to shatter into small cubes equal in size to the’ thickness of the glass, therefor unable to cause harm. Evidence that glass breaks into cubes during the testing process is the methodology used to confirm toughened/tempered/safety glass certification.

Can my toddler or child activate a SnapXit?

The minimum strike force required to activate the device on a single strike is that of an average 12-year-old child.

Instructions Stickers FAQ

Can we purchase a SnapXit without a sticker?

Yes. Many builders prefer their own designer to create the communication. We are happy to assist.

Can we print our own stickers with your artwork?

All iconography is copyright and may not be used without a licensing agreement.

Can I replace the stickers without removing the SnapXit?

Yes. See Sticker Replacement in the maintenance section of the manual.

Can you make photo-luminescent instruction stickers?

Yes. Only the white portion of the sticker will fluoresce and they are a little more expensive.

How do you communicate the instructions for use with visually impaired passengers?

We offer braille embossed instructions for use and seat-back communication for the location of the emergency exits.

What do you do about new language requirements?

The client needs to provide a translation from which sticker artwork will be created for sign-off from client

Note: Low volume print runs can be substantially more expensive.

Can you create specialised stickers?

Yes, with an accurate client brief, we will create the artwork, seek sign off approval from client and supply as requested.

Note: Low volume print runs can be more expensive.

How often do the stickers need replacing?

STSH recommend replacing stickers every two years or when they are physically or sun damaged.

Device Performance FAQ

Can a SnapXit be used for exterior applications?

Yes, made from non-corrosive and environmentally stable materials, the Anodised colour may fade over time in direct sunlight so we recommend  a permanent UV stabilised exterior coating, to the anodised finish for exterior applications.

What is the thickest glass the devices can break?

All our devices have been independently tested. Standard (S40A) and Compact (C40C) punches have been tested on up to 6mm BS857 / ECER43 / CCC / AS1 standard glass. Heavy Duty (H40A) devices have been tested on 4*20*4 BS857 / ECER43 / CCC / AS1 standard double glass units and up to 12mm architectural toughened glass.

Can the devices work when fully submerged?

Yes. SnapXit devices are all designed to be effective in fully submerged conditions.

How do I find the device in the dark?

Photo-luminescent instruction stickers can be ordered as an elective option.

Are SnapXits accessible to the visually impaired?

Braille embossed instruction stickers and seat-back direction to the nearest exit location can be ordered as an elective option

What if the device doesn’t work first time?

Multiple consecutive blows, aggregated in the same spot on the toughened glass, will drive the profile deeper into the glass, which will ensure that the glass breaks.

Can I re-use the SnapXit?

SnapXit impact tips can be re-used or recycled many times before being decommissioned by us.

Can I buy spare parts?

Yes. All SnapXit devices can be reconditioned and refitted with spare tape and safety tags.

How do I know that an S or H-type SnapXit is operable?

If the red button and safety tag can be turned freely by hand, the device is operable.

How do I repair a SnapXit with a fouled action?

This varies from model to model, so please check General Maintenance manual SnapXit-GM.

How do I verify a SnapXit is operable?

If the red button and safety tag can be turned freely by hand, the movement is clear and the device is operable.