How to install SnapXit Emergency Exit Devices

Installation Instructions -EN

ATTENTION: Only use on clearly marked toughened glass windows.

DO NOT use on laminate glass windscreens or any unmarked windows.
Minimum legal emergency exit window
size – 700mm x 500mm.

Clean interior surface of the emergency exit window using dishwashing liquid soap and water. Rinse using clean water and wipe dry with a clean paper towel.

Read the warning instruction on the round cut-out of the sticker, once read, remove and discard this piece.

Apply the instruction decal at an appropriate position on the glass using an applicator squeegee or a plastic bank card. Any bubbles can be pricked with a pin and flattened by hand.

Using the supplied alcohol swab carefully clean the exposed glass in the cut-out area on the instruction sticker. Do not rub the sticker with the swab supplied as this will remove the ink.

Peel off the adhesive backing from the SnapXit unit. Align the SnapXit centred to the cut-out in the instruction sticker with the safety tag in the vertical position.

Firmly press the SnapXit onto the glass and hold in position for thirty seconds.