Building Safety solution

Building Safety Solution using SnapXit

SnapXit break glass window devices provide an innovative building safety solution when needing to escape a building.

Designed for breaking toughened glass windows, with both single and double glazing options.

SafeTSystem Holdings have developed a ground-breaking emergency exit break glass device that can easily compliment an emergency doorway in buildings.

SnapXit is the most effective emergency evacuation device that can be easily fitted on to toughened glass windows or doors.

SnapXit is perfect for both commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

SnapXit has been specifically designed to replace the outdated hammer in a glass case as an emergency evacuation device.

Thus, making it an ideal evacuation option as an industrial workplace safety solution. It is engineered for simple application by a building safety officer and has a photo-luminous easy to understand instruction sticker for the user.

The SnapXit – H40 model finished in standard anodised red for public or commercial spaces, is now also manufactured in cataphoretic white with a simple grey exit icon for your beautiful home.

These seriously reliable devices will disintegrate up to 28mm toughened double glazed windows and doors, or single sheets of toughened glass up to 12mm thick, effectively turning glass walls into open doors.

The H40 devices are used most often in coaches and buses, in light rail and marine applications. In addition, these are also used in domestic and commercial buildings and placed in emergency exit locations under the guidance of a building inspector.

Features of the SnapXit in building safety solutions:

  • easy to install and requires no tools
  • is fixed permanently to the glass window of a home, business, or industrial workplace safety
  • cannot be used incorrectly
  • works in all situations, conditions, and environments
  • can be operated in temperatures between -60 and 90°C
  • it is tamper-proof and extremely difficult to remove after installation
  • it cannot be used as a weapon

For more information on SnapXit as building safety solutions or to become a distributor of SnapXit please contact us.