SnapXit on Transport

For commercial vehicle safety, SnapXit is a must!

SnapXit offers transport companies a smart, innovative, and effective way forward in passive commercial vehicle safety.

Transport is a crucial part of our society; it provides a link for people, goods, and supplies from one point to another.

Forms of transport generally operate under normal conditions; however, the unexpected can happen.

In a situation where people need to get out of a vehicle through an emergency exit, it is crucial.

They can do so quickly and simply without having to rely on external aids.

In an emergency, the ability to evacuate the situation with ease and efficiency is crucial to preserve life and reduce injuries. SnapXit devices, permanently fitted to emergency window exits on buses, trains, trams, ferries, boats, and cars. SnapXit offers an easy to understand activation instruction panel allowing the user to use the emergency escape device effortlessly.

When it comes to commercial vehicle safety, SnapXit is designed for that purpose.

Our emergency break glass device allows passengers to escape from bus emergency exits with a quick-release safety seal, a few punches to activate the pin to break the safety glass in an emergency.

SnapXit can be activated by someone as young as 12 years of age, making it perfect for school bus emergency exit windows.

We have worked with key development bus companies like Wrighbus and Alexander-Dennis, who have been pivotal in assisting us with the development of SnapXit.

Our emergency exit tool has now become the industry standard in commercial vehicle safety for emergency exit windows.

SnapXit has multiple advantages and is fast becoming the fundamental emergency exit tool of choice in commercial vehicle safety.

SnapXit features include:

  • easy to install and requires no tools
  • is fixed permanently to the glass window of bus emergency exits
  • cannot be used incorrectly
  • works in all situations, conditions, and environments
  • can be operated in temperatures between -60 and 90°C
  • can be activated successfully by children, adults, and elderly or disabled
  • it is tamper-proof and extremely difficult to remove after installation
  • it cannot be used as a weapon

For more information on SnapXit in commercial vehicle safety or to become a distributor of SnapXit please contact us