Heavy Equipment Safety with SnapXit

When it comes to heavy equipment safety, you cannot beat SnapXit as an effective emergency exit device, now in service extensively in various industry sectors.

SnapXit devices should be fitted to protect your workers operating heavy equipment.

Your skilled earthmoving operators are in control of some of your most valuable assets, and they need to know they are protected should accidents occur.

SnapXit™ are easily fitted to the safety glass on all heavy equipment, including earthmovers, articulated trucks, lifters, cranes, loaders, and haulage vehicles in only a few minutes, to ensure a lifetime of safety confidence.

Operating conditions on construction sites are often hazardous, and emergencies and accidents are sometimes inevitable.

The operator of your heavy equipment’s safety is a priority in our emergency exit tool’s design.

The existing safety features in earth moving equipment designed to protect the operators inside the vehicle can easily imprison the operator in an emergency. Thus, preventing both escape and rescuer access.

For this reason, SnapXit emergency exit devices can be attached to the safety glass inside and the outside of the cabin, allowing the trapped operator to quickly escape from the vehicle when a normal exit is not possible.

If the operator is incapacitated, rescuers can use the exterior-mounted SnapXit™ to break the outside’s safety glass quickly.

SnapXit ingress and egress devices are already extensively deployed in heavy machinery worldwide and are approved for use by various industry-specific health and safety regulators.

SnapXit advantages for safety in earth moving equipment include:

  • a premier cost-effective and efficient, effortless lifesaving emergency exit device
    technology is a reliable analog exit device with a hard material impact tip able to penetrate toughened, tempered, or safety glass
  • works in all situations, conditions, and environments
  • Health and Safety Officers can determine where the emergency exits should be
    can be fixed to the outside of a window for rescuer ingress
  • UV resistant cap can be fitted over the outside ingress device to protect from environmental damage and dust

SnapXit is the ultimate heavy equipment safety product for any construction or building site.

If you are looking for more information on our SnapXit device or interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us.