Residential Property

SnapXit break glass window devices provide an innovative safe evacuation solution for toughened glass windows, with both single and double glazing options.

In an emergency, the ability to break surrounding glass safely when doorways and escape  routes are congested enables more people to escape directly to a designated fire muster point. SnapXit thus provides an enhanced exit strategy and improved life-saving option for office buildings, hotel lobby areas and corridors as well as your home.

The H40 model finished in standard anodised red for public or commercial spaces,is now also manufactured in cataphoretic White with a simple grey exit icon for your beautiful home. These seriously reliable devices will disintegrate up to 28mm toughened double glazed windows and doors, or single sheets of toughened glass up to 12mm thick, effectively turning glass walls into open doors..

Accompanied by a photo-luminous instruction sticker the device is quick and easy to install and sits neatly and elegantly on the glass.

A min manufactured glass standard of E43R or BS857 or equivalent is required for SnapXit to be 100% effective.

  • HomeXit

    SnapXit Heavy Duty finished in cataphoric white to blend into your home’s interior while providing safety. HomeXit can’t be lost or misplaced and will provide a permanently available emergency escape option for the lifetime of the home if properly installed. Tested by SGS CSTC on 4mm double glass units with air gap up to 20mm and single toughened glass sheets up to 12mm thick. Clean / peel / stick installation. Manufactured under ISO9001:2015