Product features and benefits

Common to all SnapXit Models

  • Manufactured in recyclable materials
  • Optimum Impact tip and design standardised across all SnapXit models
  • Best design profile material for breaking glass
  • Peel and stick application using UV stable adhesive 
  • Works under water and alien orientation
  • No dextrous ability required to operate
  • Permanently fitted in its operational location and is NOT portable
  • Clear operating Instructions
  • Device not a tool
  • Enables regulations and is simple to operate
  • Prevents the occurrence of post trip vandalism


  • Simple to operate. A twelve year old child can do it with one punch
  • No dexterous ability required
  • Optimum tip purposefully designed to break glass on impact
  • Peel and stick application using an industrial conformable tape
  • Meets regulatory requirements in all markets in which it is available
  • Permanently fitted in operational locations, preventing theft and minimizing vandalism
  • Equally effective under water
  • Clear operating instructions available in local language
  • Manufactured from recyclable


  • The SnapXit can be used in architectural, marine, vehicular or rail applications
  • The SnapXit is permanently fixed in full view to the emergency exit window
  • Independently tested on 4mm automotive and 12mm architectural toughened glass
  • Can be fitted during OE construction or Operator retrofitted
  • Cannot be lost, dropped or used improperly
  • Can be used by the disabled and the sight impaired
  • Available with Braille embossed instructions
  • Can be used in reduced visibility conditions or panic situations
  • Easily located by sight or by touch on the window itself
  • Can’t be used as a weapon
  • The SnapXit can be used in a 360 degree arc
  • Can be used effectively fully or partially submerged