SnapXit in Marine Safety

Marine safety equipment a key element for SnapXit exit device.

Marine safety equipment is essential on ferries and commercial boats.

At SafeTSystems Holdings we aim to constantly develop our products to suit the needs of any industry.

Marine safety is no exception!

As one of the most popular forms of public transport in many cities around the world, marine safety equipment plays an important role in marine and ferry transport.

SnapXit fitted to an emergency exit window, effectively break standard marine 8mm toughened safety glass in any condition.

From small fishing boats to massive passenger liners, Ferries and luxury yachts, evacuation in an emergency could be the nearest porthole or window.

When it comes to marine safety, the SnapXit device is the only reliable method to shatter safety glass and escape.

The S40 model SnapXit is recommended for standard marine safety glass which is 8mm thick and the H40 model is recommended for all areas where nonstandard toughened glass is specified.

SnapXit break glass device is fixed directly to the marine toughened glass window to ensure the device is accessible and has understandable instructions for use in an emergency.

Marine safety equipment SnapXit solutions include:

  • Can be exposed to severe weather conditions – wind, rain, sun, and salt water
  • UV resistant with strengthened bond to keep it securely lodged to the glass window
  • SnapXit is a premier cost-effective and efficient lifesaving emergency exit device
  • It is seriously reliable with its hard material impact tip, able to penetrate toughened, tempered or safety glass
  • can be fixed to the outside of a window for rescuer ingress

SnapXit punch devices effectively break standard Marine 8mm toughened safety glass under all conditions and is must for any marine vessel in today’s world.

For my information on SnapXit Marine safety equipment or to find out how to become a distributor of SnapXit in marine safety, please contact us.