Heavy Machinery

SnapXit devices can be installed to protect your workers operating Heavy duty equipment.

Heavy equipment including earth movers, articulated trucks, lifters, cranes, loader and haulage vehicles are used extensively in a variety of industry sectors.

Safety features designed to protect the operator while inside the vehicle can, in an emergency imprison him and prevent both his escape or rescuer access.

A SnapXit device mounted inside the cabin will allow a trapped driver/operator to escape from heavy equipment when the primary exit is not usable.

A strategically positioned ingress SnapXit device installed directly opposite the egress device, will allow a rescuer to break the glass from the outside to rescue the driver when unable to help themselves.

SnapXit are approved for use by workmen’s compensation bodies and other industry-specific health and safety regulators, as they are deployed in heavy equipment globally.

A UV resistant Cap can be fitted over the outside ingress device to protect the punch from environmental damage and dust.

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