HomeXit – Family Safety First

Being in a burning, smoke-filled building without means of escape is a thing of nightmares, made only worse by the thought of your children being trapped with you. Imprisoned behind glass walls, doors or windows that don’t open; able to see freedom but unable to achieve it.

Based on our extremely successful SnapXit H40 device, in use for nearly a decade in all forms of public transport worldwide, is the new elegant and effective HomeXit.

HomeXit, like the SnapXit H40, shatters single or double toughened glass in one stroke, offering a quick, safe escape through any appropriate door or window without the need for a fire axe, glass hammer, or being reliant on emergency services to achieve safety.

Our stylish, white HomeXit’s can be permanently installed in under a minute wherever you decide, without any tools and are capable of breaking standard architectural toughened double glass units or toughened sheets up to 12mm thick.

HomeXit’s installed at ground floor, or paired with escape ladders for above-ground-floor rooms will allow you to feel confident that your plans for your families’ safety are complete.

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