Conversions, Retrofits, and Upgrades

Our SnapXit break glass impactor is fixed-in-place technology requiring only an appropriate escape window and R43 toughened glass for successful installation and use. There are many small and medium-sized outfitters, retrofitters, and vehicle conversion companies walking the tightrope between the sale price, operating cost, and regulatory requirements in the public transport space.

Installing emergency exit equipment like hammer or lever systems frequently needs to be done while the vehicle is still on the production line requiring skilled technicians, but not with a SnapXit kit. These can be fitted quickly by unskilled labour in the lot a minute before delivery to the client.

Maintaining the road-worthiness of older public service vehicles can be very expensive if new regulations require enhanced public safety technology, and even more so if the original provisions are outdated and need to be modified to meet new requirements. In these cases, we would always recommend an upgrade that is as close to future-proof as possible.

SnapXit kits have been a staple of larger OEM’s for a decade now and homologated for use in public transport almost everywhere in the world.

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