As a passenger, finding yourself trapped inside a burning, sinking, or capsized ferry or ship will probably quickly and with little time to spare. Emergency drills are easily forgotten, the life-saving equipment aboard could be inaccessible or stowed away, and probably dangerous for someone inexperienced to use if the deck is unstable and rolling in heavy seas.

The crew could also be compromised, leaving your safety up to you.

SnapXit’s heavy duty H40A impactors are capable of destroying up to 12mm thick toughened glass walls or windows at a single stroke. They are also mounted permanently on the window, making self-rescue equipment immediately physically accessible, operable without skill by almost anyone, in any orientation, with one hand, and even when fully submerged.

SnapXit H40’s are also available as a photo luminous assembly

There is no good reason not to use an H40.

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