SnapXit™ Innovation

At SafeTSystems, we are constantly looking at innovation and expansion on out Xit™ products. As a leading safety equipment manufacturer, our team are determined to expand our emergency exit devices with constant research, testing and development.

The latest development of SnapXit™ is AutoXit™ specializing in the personal vehicle and van sector.

AutoXit™ enables passengers in private cars or vans to exit the vehicle in an emergency when the electronics of the car stops due to water or fire incidents.

The increase of e-mobility and the danger of burning batteries gives a dramatic shift to the necessity of an accessible self-rescue device in every car or van.

Further innovations include:

  • GuardXit™, an emergency break glass impactor, employs the identical method for use as a SnapXit™, but in a protective, portable acrylic grip.
  • SensXit™ an intra-bus status system that indicates to the driver and depot that an installed SnapXit™ or GuardXit™ is armed or released from its holster. A second report, this time, including emergency services, will be escalated when the glass window is broken.

SafeTSystems looks forward to servicing its customers well into the future and introducing them to new innovative products.

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