Our Story

SnapXit was invented as a result of a tragic bus disaster in South Africa in 1985. In which 42 school children drowned due to emergency exit failure. The bus in which they were traveling veered off a dam wall and sank in an instant.

SnapXit was designed to meet the challenge to provide an efficient scientific emergency, egress and ingress solution for all safety glass applications.

This SnapXit technology has been refined over the past 30 years to deliver an effective emergency escape device.

The SnapXit technology is in essence a reliable delivery mechanism for a hard material impact tip capable of penetrating safety/toughened/tempered glass.

When the device is struck a chain reaction of scientifically evaluated events occur resulting in the instantaneous destruction of the emergency exit window.

The device is specifically designed so that it can be operated by a child of 12 years with a single punch. 

Multiple punches aggregated in the exact same spot will allow even an infirm person or a child younger than 12 to be able to break a window as the tip penetrates deeper with each punch.

The SnapXit technology was evaluated by the Council for Scientific and industrial Research (CSIR), the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and Wintech United Kingdom and Red Engineering UKAS accredited testing facilities. All of which specialise in glass testing.

SnapXit is a Registered Trademark and is Patented and Design Registered Internationally. Current Intellectual Property and updated designs affords SnapXit unprecedented international exclusivity.